Microsoft C# Default Key bindings which I generally use.

Hi Readers,
Here is the list of some keyboard short cuts which I generally use in my daily development tasks, you can download the Full Poster from the Microsoft site. Here is the Download Link

1. Ctrl + . (Implement the interface methods)
2. Ctrl + – (Navigate backward)
3. Ctrl + Shift + – (Navigate forward)
4. F7 (View code)
5. Shift + F7 (View designer or mark ups)
6. Ctrl + G (Go to the line number)
7. Ctrl +F4 (close the current tab)
8. F9 (Insert the breakpoint at the current line)
9. Ctrl + F9 (Disable the break point from the current line).
10. Ctrl + Shift +B (Build the solution)
11. Ctrl + Break (Break the build in between).
12. F3 (Find next)
13. Shift +F3 (Find Previous).
14. F5 (Run the application with hitting the breakpoint).
15. Ctrl + F5 (Run the application without hitting the breakpoint Or Skipping the breakpoint).
16. F12 (go to definition).
17. Ctrl + K + C (Comment out the current line).
18. Ctrl + K + U (Uncomment the current line).
19. Ctrl + K +D (Format document).
20. Ctrl + K + F (Format selected area).
21. Ctrl + K + S (Surround the area with the code snippet).
22. Ctrl + K + X (Surround the area with the code snippet with asking language).
23. Tab 2 times (Invoke snippets from the shortcuts).

Download the file, print it and fix it to your box’s wall. Give it a chance and then you tell me.
PS: Did you already know the Ctrl+Point keybinding? Okay, I am pretty sure you will find many unknown key combinations in the poster