Another man, Super man!!!!!!!!

This really happened at Paris Airport

One Indian passenger named Anantharaman Subbaraman arrived at Paris airport.

He ended up waiting for his visa for about 2 hrs for the authorities to call his name…

Finally, he got wild and went to the Paris Visa authorities and shouted why they haven’t called his name yet.

They retaliated and claimed that they have been calling him for the last hour and a half ………. and were wondering why he hadn’t responded!

The reason was made clear when the Paris immigration officer
announced his name again on the microphone as :
‘Another man , Super man’…:D


Hallo Friends!

It means ” Hello, Friends”
Friends-saying “hello, friend” and the friend is a boy or girl.

Ah, the joys of weather = some time cold, cold, very bad cold… 😡 some time hot
weather is very much unpredictable here ,wen we landed to Paris it was 10 c and after 2 hours it was like 18 c , f**k
This time Europe is having a very beautiful climate: one day it’s cold, the next day it’s hot, making me go nuts!… hahaha , but I am enjoying .:-) and my wish to visit continents is also moved one step ahead..:-)

On top of that nasal congestion too… How cool is that??!!?? 🙄

Argghhhh!!! 😡

feeling really debilitating! :(.. need to go home today early from office…:-(

So, what’s up with you pals? Enjoying already? 🙂