Me and My Mobiles Experience…

Always been a very much of a gadget freak. Loved gizmos being around me. Initially the days when I was in college and wasn’t earning that well, I remember used to save up so much for a mobile phone that happens to be back in 2003. The moment dad realized I was saving up for a handset..he went and got me one. My very 1st Nokia 1100 [you guys even remember how it looked :)]
Here’s a dekho… 🙂
Have a look at Nokia 1100

I still remember that day, he was so happy seeing me happy.

The anxiety and desperation of using it & making the first call…the feeling was awesome. Something I can’t even put in words. Slowly I carved for more gadgets and always kept saving for them. Mom and dad used to get little angry on me…she would be like save and buy some useful things which will help you in future and not these stupid gadgets. But a brat like me never could keep her words. The want for more gadgets went on from buying my 1st non digital cam. It was a Kodak one with the reel inside it.

Days moved on and there came more mobiles with color screen. I got so tempted to upgrade and blow up the few bucks I had saved till then. One day just went ahead told my dad…I have saved up some and want to buy the new LG 2500… I kind of freaked out on this handset. It had a Cam..I even activated Wap. So much fun was in store..

Over the years moved on to Nokia 6600, Nokia N73, Nokia E63 …wow now when I am mentioning them I realized how much I have spent 🙂 But no regrets. Along with mobiles I moved on from simple desktop computer to DELL studio 1435.

My last handset I miss a lot was my N73. Loved it like crazy…don’t ask me what happened to it 😦 I gave it to my little sis. I felt it was time I need a back up phone. Kept contemplating as to which handset to pick up. Was not in favor of buying another expensive handset and let it go for a toss. And after using so many handsets I knew my hand wouldn’t rest on a simple one. I don’t want a Google Nexus coz It’s properly not available in India. So left out was a Black Berry / or I-phone.