Don’t Say Me “AUNTIE”

Real incident happened in office today ..:)

Before writing I want to say all to women, please don’t take is as any offense to your sentiments.

All men are warned not say Auntie to any woman EXCEPT she is her real auntie. This is the word, which is supposed to be one of the offensive words, if you address to any woman. Before addressing it, carefully see the woman. If she is more than 50, then it may be permissible. In metro’s men knowingly annoy women, by saying AUNTIE to those who are even younger to them. Some time I saw in buses, shops and markets, hot argument on this issue.

Reaction of women can be dangerous. It really hurts them. They feel better, if you address Bhabhi, Didi or Madam. Auntie makes them feel older. Who don’t knows women always like to be seen younger. A lot of time they know, the guys are flirting. But they want to listen it especially if you praise about her.

Now come to some interesting and funny situations, derived from “Don’t say me Auntie”.

Suppose Government put rule, that saying Auntie to the woman, who deserve Bhabhi or Didi is punishable like smoking at public place. What will be the guidelines to set these rules? Should women organizations raise voice against it? What is your opinion?

Hey I got a good idea to make an album (video) title – “Don’t say me Auntie”. Lead dancer – Rakhi Sawant in Saree and all older women from Kitty parties. Video will be full of comedy actions. It will be a hit sure