Hallo Friends!

It means ” Hello, Friends”
Friends-saying “hello, friend” and the friend is a boy or girl.

Ah, the joys of weather = some time cold, cold, very bad cold… 😡 some time hot
weather is very much unpredictable here ,wen we landed to Paris it was 10 c and after 2 hours it was like 18 c , f**k
This time Europe is having a very beautiful climate: one day it’s cold, the next day it’s hot, making me go nuts!… hahaha , but I am enjoying .:-) and my wish to visit continents is also moved one step ahead..:-)

On top of that nasal congestion too… How cool is that??!!?? 🙄

Argghhhh!!! 😡

feeling really debilitating! :(.. need to go home today early from office…:-(

So, what’s up with you pals? Enjoying already? 🙂


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