Attrition rate high?

What is this stupidity? I know the word stupidity doesnt exist, but it is the word used by my highschool maths teacher on situations like this and I like to use it.

Why do companies recruit people from outside and pay them more, and they are ready to loose their own valuable resources to other companies? What good is it to companies? Everytime they recruit new people they have to train them, give them KT on the project, make them understand the rules of the company..still the new person may or may not perform as well as the previuos guy, atleast he takes some time.
I understand very well working in the same project for one two years drives any person crazy….
Everyone wants change, wants to improve themselves in technology and domain skills.
They need salary hikes and want to work comfortably.

Sure every comapny can provide all these things, they just need to plan and follow.
Companies have to be employee friendly.

Why dont companies conduct internal interviews and selected ones get increased salaries, good designations, desired working locations, chance to work in the technology they need?

This will really reduce the Iteration Rate, I feel.


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