First Day @Wipro 28th march 2008

Wake me up when September Ends………
Oh God! I have to get up now….I pressed a button on my mobile to stop that. This tune is the most sleep disturbing one i feel. I think i can manage to sleep for some more time just another 10 min………………….:)

“Ambuj, u got to get up now. Remember? You have to go to Wipro…” my frnds whispers made me sit upright on my bed. If my frnds gets up early just to wake me up I have to wake up right?

My all frnds again verified if all the required documents are being carried and we started at 6.30. We were at the Wipro, K2 office at 7am.

There as we were waiting for the “Team rainbow” bus to come I was observing a group of girls standing in a group and conversing in alien language. Obviously they must be freshers waiting for the bus like me. Some came with their father’s and some with their friends.

Is it okay if I go and ask them some questions like where are you from? Or when does the bus will come? May be there is no need to be so desperate to make friends so soon. I held back.

I was observing the of attires of all the boys & girls. Almost all of them came wearing normal plain salwars & formals trousers & shirts. I was dressed in a cream color cotton shirt with black color trouser. One of mine frnd asked me few days back “have u bought formal trousers
and shirts to wear in wipro? Remember you are going to a corporate world. Ask your female frnds what kind of clothes boys wear. they will tell you.” I was tensed as I don’t have more formal wear , I haven’t ny money or time to buy.

“Ithna bura nahi hain” I said to myself seeing the crowd there.
The bus came and within an hour dropped us at Sarjapur Wipro.

There is a girl and her father were standing just beside us. I went to them and introduced myself After that soon we both were talking about our posting location ,Pg accommodation, banking formatlities(uncle also turned to be a banker) The girl father trying to give some inputs into the conversation. Her father is seemed to be genuinely affectionate and caring.
And I was observing that girl; she has got a good command over English. It appears like she is from a good family. She is interested in embedded systems as she is from electronics background. She seems to be intelligent. What is she thinking about me? But I dint expect at
that time that she is going to be one of my best friends in the comming days ,Name of the girl was took me a whole day to remeber her name ,sushu is not very comman name right?

The formalities are completed with Wipro HR collecting all our certificates, And representatives of two banks came to open our accounts and guided us to complete the forms. A HR announced that they will be two trainings PRP (Project Readiness Program) and DRP (Domain Readiness Program) and subsequent assessments in that. If we dint score above 70% we will be given chance to rewrite twice and even then if we score below 70% we will be asked to walk out. I felt very scared. And I knew that everyone is feeling so insecure about this.
And by noon we were out of the room making lot of contacts. Meanwhile for parents they arranged a trip to Lal Bagh Park (the so called Bangalore site seeing trip 🙂 . And we all left for the day, noting down each others mobile numbers.

That is how my first day at Wipro has gone.

ps: Some of my other feelings have been censored inorder not to hurt sensitive souls. :)……


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