Android apps which I use personally

When I started using android device, I was looking forward for apps which I previously thought I will install in my device, I did so and install so many apps, some app drastically decrease my device performance, after using for quite some time I decided to give up on some apps, un-install some of them and move some to SD card.

So today I will be writing about apps which I used frequently and really they brings the value for my device.

1. Camera360 — This app is fantastic and most useful app on my device, I use it daily to take regular photos, It has some very good effects that can we used just by one touch, it’s gives good pic quality, you can think like Camera replacement app for android.

2.AirDroid — Again a valuable app for android , Tag says “Your Android on Web” proofs it.  App beautifully manage my android device from web browser ( I do prefer chrome), it gives me freedom to use my device with USB cable , I can even write and receive SMS from my desktop, loves this apps.

3.Pushbullet — It allows me to send push notification from my PC to my device any time by just one click, I can send almost everything like Pic,Audio file, some small text ( like joke, message, address), we do have to install one small extension to your chrome to support both the ways.

4.Simple Calender Widget — I manager all my friends birthdays and any day to day appointment in Google Calender, I was looking for an calender app that can integrate with Google Calender and shows my notifications, after installing this app, I found that it does what it promises, It gives small/medium/big widgets to show schedule on your one of the home screen and after that you wont forget anything important.

5.AppLock — After using all the default locking mechanism from android, I feel I should have something that should lock individual app for more security, I fund AppLock interesting and installed it on my device, with this app I can lock some of more personalized app ( like notes, Gmail ), Its set one global password that is applicable to all your locked app and every time when you have to use that app you have to enter that password.

I don’t want to mention about common apps which I think almost every one uses like( Chrome, Hangout, Youtube,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Skype,Whatsapp, Viber, Google Maps, Navigation and so on…..)

After this all other app which I use is specific to the India, So guys please do check these also if you want.

1. ixigo indian rail & trains  — USP for app is its a ad-free app , you can search IRCTC train information, I mostly use to search the train/ connecting trains between the stations, PNR status check, check berth availability and running status of trains, it by far one of the fastest app to search the info I feel, rest comments  I will post in comment section when I find any problem. airtel — I would say airtel has done very good job designing this app for android, I regularly uses this app to  check my usage ( 3G and unbilled for airtel mobile, broadband, digitalTV.  I would recommend this app over browser website( because I feel most of the time this website is down at peek time and very slow.

3.BookMyShow — I personally uses this app to check the new movie release and booking the tickets, so would recommend to check it out.


How A Large multi-national corporation Works !

The American and the Japanese corporate offices for a large multi-national corporation decided to engage in a competitive boat race. Both teams practiced hard and long to reach their peak performance.

On the big day they felt ready. The Japanese team won by a mile. Afterward, the American team was discouraged by the loss. Morale sagged. Corporate management decided that the reason for the crushing defeat had to be found, so a consulting firm was hired to investigate the problem and recommended corrective action.

The consultant’s finding: The Japanese team had eight people rowing and one person steering; the American team had one person rowing and eight people steering.

After a year of study and millions spent analyzing the problem, the firm concluded that too many people were steering and not enough were rowing on the American team.

So, as race day neared again the following year, the American team’s management structure was completely reorganized. The new structure: four

steering managers, three area steering managers and a new performance review system for the person rowing the boat to provide work incentive.

The next year, the Japanese won by two miles. Humiliated, the American office laid-off the rower for poor performance and gave the managers a bonus for discovering the problem.

Productivity tools I used daily!!

Hi Bloggers,

I would like to share some really useful productivity tools which I used daily in office as well as in home. it saves lots of time and very easy to use, some are really my favorites.

1)  Everything search engine : Given by,  it’s is an administrative tool that locates files and folders by filename instantly for Windows. Unlike Windows search “Everything” initially displays every file and folder on your computer. I personally like it very much because some time I create some folder name or files and forget where I have kept in my PC.It has couple of good features specially the CPU consumption and quick scan of hard drive and “Yes” “Everything” is Freeware.

2) Greenshot : Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows,It’s also a Freeware and Open source,it has many good features including integration with office and outlook and you can easily edit the pic in editor. I recommend to use this tool as default screen shot tool.

3) Sysinternals : SysInternals are some are basic utilities which will help you to trouble shoot the your product, I mostly find it very useful in office. where I can use it to see all the process running in my pc and resource consumption.The suite contains the individual troubleshooting tools and help files. I find some very useful utility in this

my fav are : 1) Debug View   2) Process Explorer  3) Process Monitor

4) KDiff : KDiff3 is a diff and merge program, I used this along with SVN (Tortoise SVN/), It has many good features which default diff and merge tool don’t have, I mostly use in the office. Just browse the link and you get more information about the features.

5) Pixlr: This is basically not a tool, it’s a online photo editor, which I like the most compare to others, it has 3 kind of editor based on the user comfort, I mostly use Pixlr Efficient, It’s very easy to use,even if you are not a good photographer but still you can make your pic’s better…….:D

So That’s all for today. You try all these tool and let me know your feelings, I will appreciate the comments.

Private and Public Sector Banks in India – Difference

I experienced two different situations when it was really urgent for me to go to Bank personally for getting 6 month Bank statement for Visa processing. I have an account both in private sector bank and public sector bank. Private sector bank is not that large as compare to public sector bank. Ok this is not making sense. Let me give the names. I have account in Citi Bank and State Bank of India. Now people in India knows which bank is bigger. For those who do not know, Citi Bank (Citi) does not have large number of branches as compare to State Bank of India (SBI) and SBI is one of the oldest bank in India.

Scene 1 – Visit to Citi Bank (M.G. Road Branch)

I entered Bank, and found the temperature pretty cool as compared to outside. It was a hot day. It is a two floor branch in which ground floor is for the customer care and first floor is for all the transactions. I find a lovely looking lady sitting on her seat working on something and there was a plate in which “May I help you” is written. So I went to her and

Me: Excuse me!
Lady: Yes
Me: I want my Bank Statement for the last 6 months.
Lady: Sir, you need to write the application. Here is the page, have a seat and write it.
(I wrote the application and gave it to her)
Me: Here is the application. (I saw her concentrating on something seems to be very important)
Lady: Sir, I am counting something very important. Can you give me 2 minutes?
Me: Ya sure, take your time.
(After 5 minutes)
Lady: Sorry for the delay Sir.
Me: Its Ok!
(She entered my account number and gave the print command)
Lady: Sir, our printer is upstairs. You can collect your statement from there and get it stamped from me.
Me: Ok
(I went upstairs and got the printouts. I went downstairs again, got my statement stamped and signed. I thanked her and came outside.)

Scene 2 – Visit to SBI (The great Indian bank for common people)

I entered the branch and it was chaos all over. There was no AC working. I was lost and couldn’t understand whom should I ask for bank statement. I found a man sitting on his chair working on something. His age seems to be more than 45.

Me: Uncle Ji! (Ji is for respect given to people who are above our age)
Man: (Without saying anything)
Me: Mujhe apni bank statement chahiye last 6 months ki. (I want my bank statement for the last 6 months)
Man: Account kis branch mei hai? (Which is your home branch?)
Me: Koramangala Branch
Man: Wahin se milegi. (Go there, you will get it from there only)
Me: (in my mind): WTF!
(I thought of asking the same thing to the bank manager who was sitting some seats away busy in discussion with somebody)

I tried to enter his cabin. I thought may be he will ask me about the problem. But he ignored. My friend who was with me from the start said: Yahaan kuch nahi hone waala. Chal..(This place is useless. Lets go!) I agreed and we came out. I cursed the public sector banks and said to my friend, that is why these banks are so backward.

There is a bank whose ambiance was superb and services are world class. Even though I do not have my account on this branch but they gave me my bank statement. And then there is this bank who does not care about their customers. Its only our last choice that we have to open accounts in these banks so as to approve different services. These public sector banks really sucks!!

C#4.0 Dynamic Vs Var keyword

In C# 4.0 we have a new keyword called dynamic, I can use it as with any types like int, float,double, string

after reading above line, we all have question “What’s new in that?, I can also do this with Var keyword.” the answer is “Yes”, We can still do the same thing with Var keyword,but it has a different behavior, Let me explain you with the example

when you declare a variable with Var keyword, var are  implicitly but statically typed, let me explain the meaning of that.

when you write like below compiler figured out that someString must be of type string (i.e. from initialize) and then it will use reflection to get all information about the type at the compile time.(See below pic)

Var someString = "Some String Example";

Similarly when you use dynamic keyword instead of var, it will behave differently, it will behave most similar to object.

With dynamic, properties / methods / operators / etc are resolved at runtime, based on the actual object

According to the MSDN blog “Variables declared with var are implicitly but statically typed. Variables declared with dynamic are dynamically typed. This capability was added to the CLR in order to support dynamiclanguages like Ruby and Python.”